Back on the blog… and my books are out!

Books Illustrated by Annie Beth Ericsson:

What’s In My Garden? A Book Of Colors (Star Bright Books, $6.25)   ISBN: 978-1-59572-166-2   BUY IT ON AMAZON TODAY

What’s In My Toybox? A Book Of Shapes (Star Bright Books, $6.25)  ISBN: 978-1-59572-164-8  BUY IT ON AMAZON TODAY

What's In My Garden_ (English)What's In My Toybox_ (English)

While I’ve been away, there has been much exciting news!  Most importantly, my first two books that I’ve illustrated have been published, and are on sale now!  What’s In My Toybox? and What’s In My Garden? are two in a series of interactive board books.  Children can learn simple shapes and colors by pulling out bright toys and veggies from the pocket on each page.

For anyone with kids (or future kids!) in my target age bracket of 0-3 years, check them out on Amazon!  The books are also available in bilingual Spanish/English. I’d be happy to sign and return any copies for friends, family or… fans?

As the word has gotten out, I am so thankful to have had some publicity for my little board books!  In September, I traveled to my hometown of Concord, NH, for a book signing at Gibson’s Bookstore (plenty of photos to come).  And I have been so excited to have an overwhelming amount of support from the women in my sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma.  They even put a news article about it on their website!

More recent news in future posts…


(NOTE: I know I’ve lapsed from updating this (bad blogger, bad blogger…), but I’m back, and I promise that I’ll be here to stay.  Consider it an early New Year’s resolution.)


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