Fall Survey – Semester’s OVER!

The sleepless nights, the stale cups of coffee, the 4 hour bonding sessions with the employees at the Print Center of Staples… it all led up to this:

As stressful as Survey was, it felt good to see everyone’s work culminated, polished and complete, in one show. And Senior Survey, unlike Sophomore and Junior Surveys, isn’t about the Communications Design department as a whole anymore – it’s about the individuals and their work. It’s almost a rehearsal for the big Spring Show… the one that separates the men from the boys.

I had one of the first critiques, and I was pleased with the results. It was wonderful to hear compliments from professors that I respect, and who have already succeeded in the industry I hope to break into. The votes of confidence that my work is marketable, that I have a clear focus, and that I look like I belong in the children’s book world were so encouraging to me.

The feedback that I need to work on was exactly in line with what I would have said about myself anyway… type doesn’t come naturally to me but I improved a lot (no kidding, thanks to a semester in a Graphic Design class! whew…), I’m better at the initial idea than polishing a final product (ah, if I had all the time in the world…), and that I REALLY need to work on drawing people, especially children. What can I say, I am an “animal” illustrator! Needless to say, I’ve bought some reference books, started a sketchbook, and am planning a Senior Project devoted to developing my style of kids next semester.

More photos of the books I made, including Ollie and Logger In The Deep Blue Sea, The Greek Alphabet Book, Around The Campfire, and Love Letters.  Note the shelves I made out of foam core (a feat!), and a HUGE shout-out to Anthony, the Staples employee who spent most of his day printing those books with all my specific paper stocks for me!!


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