Totally Crushworthy – Photographer Kevin Michael Connolly Releases New Book, “Double Take”

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Kevin Michael Connolly is certainly making me do a double-take, but more so for his good looks and amazing accomplishments than his lack of lower body.  The 23-year-old, who was born without legs, otherwise grew up with the confidence, charm and opportunities of any other Montana outdoorsman.  He was a professional skier in the X-Games before turning to travel and photography, for which he is now known.

Propelling himself via skateboard through the streets of Tokyo and Zurich, Connolly began to work on a photo series, documenting the single stare that he receives from bystanders all over the world.  The 32,000 photos, collected from 31 countries, became a body of work entitled The Rolling Exhibition.

Far from criticizing the attention that he gets, Connolly takes an anthropological approach by looking at staring as a natural, reflexive part of life.  Everyone has the curiosity that encourages us to observe and formulate stories about the people around us, not excluding Kevin himself.  And isn’t that what being an artist is all about anyway – filling in the stories of others with your imagination.

Now, Connolly has taken his concept and gotten himself a book deal – with Double Take, a memoir of his incredible travels and photographs.  Consider it the very next thing on my personal reading list!

Ladies, want more personal details about this hottie?  Don’t hold your breath – I’ve already looked. Unless you want to go fight his girlfriend in New Zealand, it looks like fans like us are going to have to content ourselves with his facebook page.  Enjoy!



One response to “Totally Crushworthy – Photographer Kevin Michael Connolly Releases New Book, “Double Take”

  1. I like his work too

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