And… I got my perfect REAL job!!!

UPDATED 2/13/10.  I’ve been so excited about my bourgeoning career that I couldn’t even find time to blog for over a week!

Here is the official news:  I’ve been hired as the “Assistant to the Art Department” at G. P. Putnam’s/Philomel (a part of Penguin Young Readers Group).  I’ll be working with/under the same wonderful folks for whom I interned this summer.  I get my OWN spring intern (ha!).  And I start part-time on Tuesday, with the expectation to go full-time in May.

If you had asked me two weeks ago, this is the best “dream” scenario I could have made up.  I get to work on books that I’ve always loved, with co-workers that I already adore, at one of the best publishing houses in the world.  For a salary.

What does this mean for the blog?  Well, I’m still moving onward and upward, and an entry-level job doesn’t mean that I won’t still be pursuing my dreams.  So – let me just say it now – this is my PERSONAL blog.  Any opinions, thoughts or feelings shared on it do not reflect the views of my employers, work contacts or publishers.  Especially Penguin.  Hows that for a disclaimer?

Anyway, it’s been a lot of hard work and some perfect timing, but I could not be more excited to start, and more grateful to the people in my life who helped me get here.  Please forgive me my periods of gushing!


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One response to “And… I got my perfect REAL job!!!

  1. I’m way behind the times, but just saw this post — congrats!! That’s awesome!! So, when are we getting that drink?

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