For Book Designers, Type Matters

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obsessed with typefaces?  Then go watch the cutest set of videos made about Penguin’s book designers at Type Matters. It’s entertaining for graphic designers, but relatable for those just starting out (I want to share it with all my family members who ask me the question, “So, what is graphic design, exactly?”).

I especially love the first video, where you can see my walk to work!  They even critique the type on the side of my favorite food vendor at 345 Hudson (run by this little hilarious Russian couple).  And I thought it was adorable that they gave lower-case g’s a bit of personality.  Makes me proud to be a Penguin book designer.

Best of all, designers give a smart take on their opinions of favorite and least-favorite typefaces.  I was pleased that they didn’t state the obvious (yes, everyone hates Comic Sans and Papyrus… it need not be said), and you can always tell something about a person from the typefaces towards which they gravitate.

My personal typeface?  Archer by Hoefler and Frere-Jones, designed for Martha Stewart Magazine in 2001.  This 20th-century European look gives the slab-serif a bit of sweetness, quirkiness and charm, while still keepin’ it classy and professional (and isn’t that just so… me!?).  Now, I use it for everything – business cards, resumes… it even was the perfect choice for That’s Like Me!

Last spring, I was freaking out about finding “my typeface”, and it took me many a false try before I found Archer for my own branding.  It was as though if I couldn’t identify myself with a font, I had no right to have a personality as a designer.  While now I see how ridiculous that is, if you’re feeling the same way, you can take Pentagram’s What Type Are You? (the most amazingly-designed online quiz I’ve EVER seen).

Who knows… maybe you’ll be emotional, understated, progressive and disciplined… just like me and Archer Hairline!


One response to “For Book Designers, Type Matters

  1. Mrs. Eaves. Hands down.

    PS. Archer is fabulous. Just like you.

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