I Lego NY

For those of you who think that board books are only for babies, think again! Between my published lift-the-flaps and my current preoccupation at work transforming favorite classics into board books, I suppose I pay a bit more attention to board books than the average kids’ lit nerd.

Then I saw I Lego NY by Christoph Niemann (Abrams Image), released this month, and I knew that board books had just gone to a whole new level.

This witty homage to New York City started as a contribution on Abstract City for the New York Times last year, acting as a bit of nostalgia for the now Berlin-based designer, and a bit of entertainment for some hip New York parents.  I love the reductive look at urban life, and it translates amazingly into something that both kids and adults can find fun and insightful.  Whoever decided to turn this post into a board book is a genius!

Check out the links for more of the Lego creations, or better yet, just buy the book (it’s at the Pratt store, go figure)!


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