What Has Annie Been Doing? Graduating!

What have I been up to since I’ve last posted?

Too many momentous occasions to count!

Just to catch up, here’s a peek at all of the excitement that happened in May . . .

1.  Spring Survey / The last time I’ll ever do homework or pull all-nighters, aka. the culmination of my work in the Communications Design department.

2. The Pratt Show / I was lucky enough to get in, so I got to show the industry folks that I’ve “got it”, aka. I stood awkwardly by my work with a big grin.

3.  The Pratt Show / With my lovely and inspiring aunties.

4.  Moving in / With the father to my dream apartment in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace.

5-7.  Honors Convocation / Good grades run in the family – lots of  love from the mum, grandfather, and everyone else.

8.  Graduation / Taking that long walk towards my diploma at Radio City Music Hall.

9.  Post-Graduation / Celebrating with my family away from home, aka. my fellow Tri-Sigma seniors.

10.  Post-Graduation / Mabs, my new frenchie, courtesy of Rebecca and Urban Outfitters.  Best present ever.

11.  The Great Adventure / On a midnight train to Georgia.

12.  Savannah /  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Wiser words never spoken, SCAD.

13.  Savannah / The best meal I’ve ever had.  Shrimp, greens and grits.

14.  Savannah / Home of the most gorgeous Southern architecture imaginable…

15.  Savannah / And dreamy town squares around every corner!


3 responses to “What Has Annie Been Doing? Graduating!

  1. Nice blog!

    Not sure if you remember me, I met you at one of the dinners Monica threw for Ford. Anyways, keep up the positivity, it’s a bit scarce in this city.


  2. walkinginpublic

    Justin, I definitely remember you… glad you found the blog! And thanks!! 🙂

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