The Ripple Effect – Illustrators Aid the Gulf Oil Spill

There’s no question that the BP oil spill has been a devastating tragedy, on every level I can think of.  Like world hunger and genocide, I often find it painful and upsetting even to follow essential news articles (just looking at photos of the oil aftermath gave me chills).

So I couldn’t be prouder that, in the face of a problem so overwhelmingly beyond our control, the illustration community is coming together to make a dent in the solution.  Enter Ripple, a blog dedicated to selling illustrators’ unique small artworks in order to raise money to help the animal victims of the Deep Water Horizon Gulf Oil Spill.

The sketchcards from Ripple are fascinating – I was amazed at the array of unique visual solutions produced on behalf of the Gulf Coast wildlife.  Each card, sold for $10 or $50, captures a completely different feel.  Some favorites:

Bethany Murguia:
Aaron Zenz:

Marsha Rollinger:  Blog:

A heads up that some big-time illustrators are participating this week… Mo Willems is auctioning off a second round of doodles tonight, and Jarrett Krosoczka is selling a whole round on Friday!

Ripple has already raised over $8,000 – but I encourage everyone who has $10 to spare (and who doesn’t?), to buy a Ripple sketchcard and support the animals hurt by the oil spill.  Fellow illustrators – I’m going to look into donating a piece (for the sea turtles!), and y’all should consider doing the same.


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