I Forsee Kids’ Books In Your Future…

For years, I’ve been brainstorming ways to combine astrology and children’s books.  There’s just something about the subject that has fascinated me, from the day I picked up my first book as a preteen and promptly fled to the library to pore over star charts, drawing in great detail what each “star sign” would look like personified.  I still look at horoscopes for fun, and genuinely feel that there has to be some kind of eerie truth to the fact that our birth determines some aspects of our personality.

And while I haven’t figured out a way to make astrology widely marketable for the younger set, today’s post at School Library Journal’s Fuse #8 blog certainly poses a fun alternative: make your own horoscopes, based on the children’s books from your birth year!  To make your own, check it out and post there!


Matilda (Roald Dahl) + The Way Things Work (David Macaulay) + Catwings (Ursula LeGuin) + Free Fall (David Wiesner)

You have the ability to get things done in a most extraordinary way.  In fact, you are so exceptional that it’s bound to feel a little surreal, so don’t let yourself wander off into the clouds. If you let any loose ends fly about, you could end up falling off the deep end.  Instead – take apart each task piece by piece and stay close to home, and you’ll be sure to make it work.


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