New Blog Links!

image courtesy of Bookshelf Porn

Back in the early golden days of Walking In Public, I was just beginning to get the hang of Google Reader and gain inspiration from the blogosphere.  Now, months later, I cringed at the sight of the sorely outdated list at the bottom edge of my blog, and knew that it was time for a serious makeover.

So… please check out my new and improved list of blogs (below, right)!  I not only added many new and exciting places, but I also edited anything out that was

A) a website, not a blog or

B) never updated.

Now, feel free peruse the web to your heart’s content – because I bring you only the best!

While I tried to be comprehensive in finding blogs (via Twitter, etc.) for the “People I Know” section, I realized that I must not be acquainted with very many people who are out there blogging themselves these days!  So, if you’re reading this and keep a blog, contact me!  I’d love to give you a shout-out.

Meow, enjoy!

– Annie


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