Ripple Sketches for the Gulf Oil Spill

Several weeks ago, I showcased the Ripple sketch blog in my post about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Ripple has been dedicated to distributing hundreds of small sketch-cards created by illustrators, which can be purchased for a small $10 donation fee to wildlife charities.  I was so inspired by their work that I wanted to contribute myself and, after a lovely reunion with my watercolors last night, I came up with a “sketch” that will appear on the blog soon!

While I’ll wait to show the final image until it’s posted for sale on Ripple, here are a few ideas I got out of my system beforehand – sketches for the sketches, if you will!

A play on Noah’s Ark (that other water disaster, you may remember…), which I liked best conceptually, but the animals weren’t as exciting on such a small scale

Left: The image that is closest to the final sketch

Right: Super-depressing baby turtles, running away from the oil slick

A puppy affected by the Gulf- wait, what?  Those turtles were TOO sad, I needed cute!


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