First Kiwi Sketches

On Friday, once I had enough browsing cute animal videos and settled into my new favorite coffee shop, I broke out the ole Moleskine and got to drawing.  I am tres excited about my half-baked concept regarding kiwi birds (and other strange or endangered/extinct animals), and had a lot of fun drawing kiwis and moas together.  Here’s the first look!

My warm-up birdies…

Having a bit more fun now…

And moas?!  What?  You’ll just have to wait and find out what I’m up to…


2 responses to “First Kiwi Sketches

  1. Love the sketches! Very excited to see what you’re up to!

    I don’t know though… I’m pretty sure you need a second opinion before committing to a new love just like that. Fools rush in and all that. 😉

  2. Adri Smelle Cole Slaw

    I think you should right the kiwi book about 4 kiwis lets call them sisters, not blood related, more like related through circumstance, who live together in a nest… and one kiwi is the most beautiful and intelligent of the 4 and we will call her Ariel. And the story basically revolves around how all the kiwis love the amazing perfect one of the 4 but she doesnt rub it in she is happy to do her part day to day, loving the 3 other crazy sisters she has. And then one day she meets the kiwi prince of her dreams and she lives happily ever after never having to do any one elses kiwi dishes again! the end

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