Recent Finds

This past Saturday and Sunday was the kind of weekend that makes living in Brooklyn so picturesque – sun-dappled brownstones, bustling farmer’s markets, and a diverse mix of people enjoying the beach or the park – this is why I usually never want to leave my dreamy and romantic borough.

And the weekend was made even better because, everywhere I turned, I was discovering something new and free (or at least super-cheap)!  A woodcut of Puffins that matches the other art in my room perfectly and an adorable round, white-glass bowl sitting abandoned on a stoop are just a few of the pieces I picked up on my travels.

And my favorite discoveries this weekend go to:


The first is not technically a physical “find”, but I am completely enamored with illustrator Kristiana Parn, whose work I passed by at Grand Army Plaza on Saturday.  Can someone please, please get this woman a children’s book, stat?!  Because her animal paintings and prints are just fantastic.


One of the best things about being poor in Brooklyn is that richer folk often leave perfectly good furniture and other items lying around on the street… especially in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace. But this little book of children’s sayings is easily the most hilarious street find I’ve ever encountered.

I’m not sure what the story is behind the 1974 book Lots Of Love, compiled by British actress Nanette Newman, but it is essentially a visual representation of “Kids Say The Darndest Things” – an uncensored take on anything from religion and romance to war and world peace.  The quotes and accompanying illustrations, all done in the hands of real children, are surprising, insightful and would keep anyone rolling on the floor laughing.

Most of the sayings take a pretty critical look at families…

Especially babies…

Some are just plain weird… but then there are the ones that make lots of sense.


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