New Site Launch!

As my dear online stalkers will have noticed by now, Walking In Public and have gotten a makeover!  Web design has never really been my thing, and I’ve struggled in the past with trying to create a professional and consistent online presence that is also easy to update.

Enter my hero,! This new site allowed me to create a personalized custom website by embedding existing social media outlets (like WordPress, Twitter, and LinkedIn) into one hip, designed package. I’m loving this alternative to a Flash site because it’s not static – my work and online life is constantly changing and updating, and I need something that reflects all that I’m learning and doing, day by day, no coding included.

To complement my new look at, I also freshened up my other sites to match. Since I can’t add content directly to, I created a Tumblr blog simply for my illustration portfolio, but made it look similar to the home page (you can also view slideshows of more work on the Tumblr site that you can’t on, so it’s worth checking out separately).

And since the Walking In Public blog and Twitter design was outdated, I whipped up some new puffins MUCH more reflective of my current style. And . . . I just realized, that all I paint anymore is birds.  Oops!

Anyway, check it out and enjoy!


3 responses to “New Site Launch!

  1. So, if one is a parent, is one still considered a “dear online stalker” or simply an interested member of the fam?

    Like the new look Sweetie.

    Love ya, Daddy-O

  2. I’m pretty much obsessed with 1) the new puffins and 2) the new blog layout. Seriously, I want them on a teeshirt. Who am I kidding… mainly I’m just obsessed with you!

  3. Actually, friends and family are supposed to be the first people you make read your blog, according to this article! 🙂

    And Janelle, the obsession is mutual.

    Thanks and much love!!

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