New Artist Showcase: Daniel K. Harlow

Daniel K. Harlow


Daniel has a fancy diploma from Pratt Institute that says that he draws good.

He’s working on another degree that says that he’ll teach kids to draw good too.

Daniel has had his work featured or used by:
– Doritos
– American Heart Association
– United Nations Film Festival
– Pride Along the Mohawk
– Speak Out! Upstate New York Political Art Showcase
– Word-It design blog (sadly defunct)

Daniel has done work for bands such as the Melvins, Krallice, and the Lanky Mofos.

Daniel lives, works and watches Frasier reruns outside of Albany, New York.

He loves his dog, punk rock, pizza and beer- in that order.

What kind of events/shows/bands have you illustrated for? How do you come up with concepts for the posters?

I’ve done posters for metal bands in the Brooklyn area like Krallice and Goes Cube, and a few indie rock bands in the local area like the Lanky Mofos and Bleeding Hands. I also did a poster for the Melvins (one of my favorite bands ever) that wound up not getting used, but their drummer sent me a really nice letter apologizing and saying he thought the poster was hilarious.

As for concepts, it really just depends on what I think of when I think of the band. If it’s a metal band, obviously it’s gonna be lots of black and skulls and stuff like that. For a band like the Melvins, their sense of humor is so bizarre that I had to really bust my ass in order to think of something that I felt the band would approve of. And for local bands, it doesn’t matter because they’re my friends and they don’t really care what it is so long as it can look good when it’s photocopied.

How did you decide to get into illustration? Did you always know that you wanted to be an artist?

I initially went to Pratt for graphic design, but at some point in my sophomore year I realized that I felt more comfortable doing illustration rather than graphic design. I still love graphic design, but it took me a while to be comfortable with combining the two.

I think I’ve always known I would do something with art. I’ve been scribbling and doodling ever since I was in elementary school, and the only other career path I thought of vaguely persueing was being a writer or an english teacher.

Are there any other industries or artistic endeavors that you’d like to conquer in addition to illustration?

At some point, I’d like to do the gallery thing. Other than that, I’d eventually like to settle down and teach at either the elementary or college level.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Oooh…that’s a good question. It would have to be the advice I got from Dave Cahill, my Illustration professor at Munson. He told me something along the lines of these three things: you should only do it if you love it because nobody gets rich from doing this stuff, trust your instincts when dealing with skeevy art directors, and that getting into the comic book industry is even harder than the music industry.

How does music inspire you artistically?  Do you have a favorite playlist you like to work to?

Music has always been a gigantic part of my life and has always inspired me. I have an overactive imagination anyways, and music just helps the pictures in my head get more focused. My dad played in jazz and R&B bands in the 70’s and my mom’s first concerts were Woodstock and Led Zeppelin, so my music environment growing up was pretty varied. My work playlist just depends on how the day goes; having a 17,702 song iTunes library to keep things interesting also helps.


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