The Quidditch World Cup!


Yes, that’s right.  This weekend was the actual, Harry Potter-inspired Quidditch World Cup in New York City!  Don’t laugh – there are hundreds of Muggle colleges around the country with legit Quidditch teams (nearly 50 playing this weekend), and the sport itself, which, keep in mind, must be played with one hand on broomstick, is actually surprisingly athletic.  This is no game for nerds. The players  have to be tough-as-nails to survive this competition, and the variety of action far surpasses any measly one-ball games like basketball and football.  I don’t care for sports in general, but the atmosphere at the event was SO positive and fun, it was irresistible.  Why, why didn’t we start a Quidditch team at Pratt when I was in school?!

Check out the photos below, and the official site for more info on Quidditch. Harry would be so proud.


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