Updated Links and New Artist Alert!

Time for a little spring cleaning, aka. link updating. If you haven’t noticed, down the column on the right are a bunch of fantastic blogs that I read regularly, and I try to occasionally go through and add/delete links so the list stays fresh with active bloggers. It’s a great place to turn to when I’m lazy busy here at Walking In Public!

I’m sure I’m missing blogs, though, so if you’re reading this and want me to add yours or a friend’s, add a comment below (note: I try to keep it to blogs only, not static websites).

Speaking of friends, can we discuss how amazing are Pratt student Sarah Mimo‘s hand-crafted clocks (above)?  I’m astounded at her innovation and stunning detail . . . wow.  Talk about a senior project that deserves buzz. Her new artist blog is full of more clocks, as well as some lovely textural illustrations, so make sure to head over there, pronto!


4 responses to “Updated Links and New Artist Alert!

  1. So awesome. I love those clocks so much. I’m inspired to go to this year’s Senior Survey!

  2. Oh, I’d love for you to list my blog(s) on your blogroll! That is, only if you want to! I recently started a blog, http://drawn2be.wordpress.com/ , for a character named Genevieve. I have so many ideas for her, one of which is to write/illustrate her books which are banging around in my head: storybooks for kids of all ages! My other blog, http://drawn2life.wordpress.com/ , is all-things-visual-art and my thoughts on life. I hope you enjoy them when you are bored, er, have a little down-time. Thanks! P.S. Check the drawn2be! blog later this week…I’m passing on a blogger award to you. You may not wish to participate, but I wanted you to know I love your blog! –Jennifer

  3. walkinginpublic

    Hi Jennifer, thanks so much, I’m so glad you like my blog!! Your sites look great, definitely adding you to my blogroll. Cheers!

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