How To Walk In Public

It’s not always easy to gain your footing when you feel like the whole world is watching.  I know this better than anyone.  I’m an expert on tripping up, slipping up, knocking into things, falling on your ass, laughing it off, dusting yourself off, and walking on like it never happened.  I know the perseverance and resilience that it takes to walk faster, keep a better humor, and ultimately reach your destination, no matter what it takes to get there.

This blog, chronicling my end of days as a student and the beginning of my life as a professional in the children’s lit world, is the metaphorical pursuit of that walk into the public eye.  Here will be my forward steps, missteps, laughable moments, detours, surprising discoveries, and (here’s hoping!) great successes.

Happy reading!



2 responses to “How To Walk In Public

  1. How do I subscribe?

    • walkinginpublic

      Hi Sara, you can either subscribe using a WordPress account, via email, or by entering the url into an RSS blog reader (such as my favorite, Google Reader). Thanks for reading and subscribing!!


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