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Best Reasons To Go To DUMBO This Week – Part 2

After breezing by Superfine gallery to look at some original artwork, I noticed an adorable little shop across the street called P.S. Bookstore, full of rare, used and otherwise interesting adult and children’s books.  The independent bookstore may not be the place to locate a specific book, exactly, but it’s a wonderful treat to browse shelf after shelf of literature, past and present.  They even have a staircase for reaching the top shelves like in Beauty and the Beast!

Half an hour later, I emerged a  few dollars lighter, but with some very delightful purchases . . .

Purchase #1:  Fun little postcards of vintage Israeli posters, courtesy of the Farkash Gallery in Tel-Aviv

Aaaand it’s Hippo #25 for the win!

I call this one: For the Israelis, peace seems to have gotten away from them . . .

Purchase #2: Told Under The Blue Umbrella (1933, Macmillan), a darling compilation of short stories for “the children of today for their enjoyment” (or, at least, the children of the early 20th century).  I love the line drawings by Marguerite Davis, and I always find interesting the rhythm, movement and poetry that even a classic book can have built into the type.

One story, though, seems a bit familiar . . . remember the story of the little scotty dog, Angus and the Ducks? It’s in here, too!  While Angus was always a chilly reminder for me of a particularly mean little terrier that lived downstairs when I was a child, it’s still a great story.  I’d recommend it in color or black and white.