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One Parrot Got LOST

Okay, okay . . . two weeks and 5 full seasons on Netflix later . . . I’m obsessed.

Me and 16 million other Americans (and parrots)!




My New Parrot Friends

Had a great first visit with the wild parrots of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn (about whom I’m writing/illustrating a children’s book!).  They were SO much fun to see, chattering loudly with each other and flying to and from the trees and their home in the Gothic main gate of the cemetery.  I got to stand right under their branches and hang out for hours while they munched on berries.  Plus, it’s so crazy to watch bright green, tropical parrots playing in the snow!

Here’s just a few of the photos I took:

First Look – Sketches of the Brooklyn Parrots

Here’s a sneak peek at my latest book project, tentatively titled, Argentina, New York.  It’s the story of a young, curious Brooklyn parrot (based on the real birds in Green-Wood Cemetery!), who grew up just like any other city kid – eating pizza, living in a Brooklyn high-rise “apartment”, and playing with his nervous pigeon friend.  But upon hearing the story of his family’s origins from the faraway borough of “Argentina”, the little parrot sets off on an adventure across the city to find his roots.

Though I am SO ridiculously excited to start this story and learn more about the birds (I’m going on the next parrot safari in a few weeks!), I have a long way to go.  But it all starts with drawing the first few parrots…