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Designers Of The Day

Today, I’m obsessing over…

1. Geoff McFetridge

My first “find”, which I snagged from a take shelf (read: free books) on my way in to work, made up for everything that was hideous about the slush pile this morning.  I have no idea why this profile on McFetridge (published as part of a series of designers by Gas As Interface) was in the office, but we are absolutely lovin’ it.  While this L.A.-based designer with Champion Graphics creates everything from graphic posters to motion graphics/titles for films, I’m particularly loving his original wallpaper prints.

McFetridge’s book might be a bit overboard on the Helvetica, but his projects were so intriguing that I had to find out more.  Pick it up here!

2. Marian Bantjes

Ooooooh la la… if someone took every fancy trapping and visual treat and put it all in one book, it would be Bantjes’ I Wonder, which came out in gilded hardcover this month!  The exquisite integration of text and art brings to mind that this is probably the single modern book that 15th-centrury monks would still be proud of.  The price may be steep for a starving artist ($40), but all those elaborately designed pages look priceless.

Check out the rest of her projects as well… I can’t get enough of her seamless mix of materials and both old and new world design.

Thanks to Book By Its Cover for the link!

3. Rebecca Kutys

I’m not the kind of girl who has been planning her wedding since the age of 6. In fact, I’d be much happier with a lower-key ceremony than some of the events I’ve already planned in my life!  But there’s one thing that I know for sure – letterpress? It makes my heart swoon.  Don’t ask me why I’m drawn to typography in relief… I just think it makes everything elegant and personal. And if I have to spend money on anything when I get married, it’ll be on invitations like those made by Moontree Letterpress in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

It was so great to hear Kutys’ Biz Ladies post about the perfect business card on Design*Sponge today, so don’t miss going to her separate project as well, Brooklyn Social Cards.


Living In Literature: Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse

Whether it’s for home decor ideas or a bright spot of color in my morning, the one blog I turn to almost daily is Design*Sponge.  And there’s no column on the website that I look forward to more than Amy Merrick‘s “Living In” (whose 1-year anniversary is today)!

Amy perfectly captures the atmosphere of all my favorite movies, and I love the idea of gaining inspiration from a story long after it ends.  While movies have more than enough visual material for products, fashion and interior design, I’m left wondering how the same exercise could be applied to other mediums, such as . . . books!

Children’s literature is remarkable because it sparks the imagination, bringing fantastic elements into the context of daily reality.  The worlds created within kids’ books can be complex with ideas, but ultimately have to be simple and tangible enough for a child to understand.

It is with this thought in mind that I bring an homage to Design*Sponge with “Living In Literature”!  I’ll showcase children’s and YA books whose characters, themes and environments can be translated to a set of products, so both you – and the little ones in your life – can carry the spirit of the book once you’ve closed its pages.

I think there’s no better way to kick off “Living In Literature” than with my favorite children’s book heroine to be inspired by: Lilly from Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, by Kevin Henkes.  Lilly has the kind of impulsive self-assurance that we often lose with age.  Even though she may not always be right, she learns a lesson in humility without losing her enthusiasm.  She’s a perfect personality to channel when you need a little burst of confidence.

For you:

list notepad $7, crown charm $52, purple purse $995 (a girl can dream…), knit dress $16, movie star sunglasses $13, yellow headbands $10 ea, Make A Wish bouquet $35, swiss cheeses $15-31/lb, star button necklace $25, lunch tote $22, red cowboy boots $327, cowboy rain boots $68

For the kids:

floral print dress $8, movie star sunglasses $5, lace mouse ears $35, purple plastic purse $7, star mirror decals $13, plush mouse toy $13, blue tiered skirt $30, bean bag chair $30, crown baby hat $20, fringe cowboy boots $25

Now, on those days when it would feel great to shout,

“I am Lilly!  I am the Queen!

I like everything!”

. . . grab some red boots or movie star sunglasses, and go take over the world!