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Recent Finds

This past Saturday and Sunday was the kind of weekend that makes living in Brooklyn so picturesque – sun-dappled brownstones, bustling farmer’s markets, and a diverse mix of people enjoying the beach or the park – this is why I usually never want to leave my dreamy and romantic borough.

And the weekend was made even better because, everywhere I turned, I was discovering something new and free (or at least super-cheap)!  A woodcut of Puffins that matches the other art in my room perfectly and an adorable round, white-glass bowl sitting abandoned on a stoop are just a few of the pieces I picked up on my travels.

And my favorite discoveries this weekend go to:


The first is not technically a physical “find”, but I am completely enamored with illustrator Kristiana Parn, whose work I passed by at Grand Army Plaza on Saturday.  Can someone please, please get this woman a children’s book, stat?!  Because her animal paintings and prints are just fantastic.


One of the best things about being poor in Brooklyn is that richer folk often leave perfectly good furniture and other items lying around on the street… especially in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace. But this little book of children’s sayings is easily the most hilarious street find I’ve ever encountered.

I’m not sure what the story is behind the 1974 book Lots Of Love, compiled by British actress Nanette Newman, but it is essentially a visual representation of “Kids Say The Darndest Things” – an uncensored take on anything from religion and romance to war and world peace.  The quotes and accompanying illustrations, all done in the hands of real children, are surprising, insightful and would keep anyone rolling on the floor laughing.

Most of the sayings take a pretty critical look at families…

Especially babies…

Some are just plain weird… but then there are the ones that make lots of sense.


Living In Literature Special Edition: The Hunger Games

It’s finally here… Mockingjay, the final title in the Hunger Games series phenomenon, is in stores this week!  Despite running to the nearest release party at Word bookstore on Monday night to get my hands on a copy (check out a pretty epic Twitter account of the night here and photos from NY Mag), I’m actually savoring the book, leaving the last few pages for lunch today.

With the final battle for Panem on everyone’s minds (and all of the fab costumes I saw at the release party), I absolutely had do a post on the series. And for a story that is so heavy on violence, war and adventure, I was surprised how many details Suzanne Collins writes about fashion – it becomes a major plot point in the series.  I’m particularly intrigued by the myriad outfits that Cinna created to blow the Capital population away.  So the fashion below, while not an exact match to the book (if you ever see a fiery jeweled gown, please pass along!), is inspired by Cinna’s take of the “girl on fire”.

Fire top – $120, Missoni flame headband – $90, tights – $10, Scala jeweled dress – $238, Felder + Felder flame dress, Yves Saint-Laurent flame dress

jumpsuit with zip – $295, gold party dress – $280, Jane Yeh feathered wedding gown, feathered cocktail dress – $186, military jacket – $40, 7 For All Mankind skinny cargo jean – $173, Down With The Capitol tee – $24

Dying to keep the Hunger Games spirit alive now that you’ve finished Mockingjay?  Well, until she has enough sense to write a prequel, try outfititng yourself with some Katniss-related gear.

orange backpack – $70, pearl – $20, plant journal – $31, blue hair ribbon – $3, vintage bird pin – $2.75, archery set – $60, bread mix – $3, berry basket – $.62, organic blueberries – $5.50, District 12 Archery Team buttons, armband – $12

Hunger Games Dream Casting

I know I’m behind the curve, but let me just say that I am now a card-carrying member of The Hunger Games-OBSESSED fan club!  If you haven’t read the distopian YA novel about teenagers from 12 districts competing to the death on live TV, you are seriously missing out.

Now that I’m going crazy waiting for the August 24th release of Mockingjay, I’m going to pull the dorky teenage pastime of “dream casting” the movie version, which is now in development with Lionsgate.

Here’s my perfect cast!

Katniss: Kaya Scodelario / Ideally, I’m rooting for an unknown to take the lead role – with olive skin and a complex personality, it really requires fresh (hopefully minority!) talent.  But Scodelario, a fan favorite, was incredibly compelling in Skins (an AMAZING show) and she has the right intensity for Katniss.  God forbid it’s a sweet-faced Disney princess.  I’d love for Kaya to trade pill-popping for arrow-throwing. Plus, it’s fun to picture her with an American accent . . . and not bat-shit crazy.

Peeta: Liam Hemsworth / Oh, to be a blonde-haired pretty boy… there are just so many, but none of them quite like stocky, soulful Peeta. Michael Welch gets nixed just for being in the cast of Twilight, and William Moseley and Alex Pettyfer already are male leads for their own YA series (The Chronicles of Narnia and Alex Rider, respectively). So I was delighted to find Liam Hemsworth, a hunky male lead with the bigger build and love-struck eyes for Peeta.

Gale: Jake Sandvig / The actor for Gale doesn’t only have to be a male version of Katniss.  He also has to play both a great District 12 underdog and a man the schoolyard girls would fawn over.  Unlike Drew Roy or Adam Gregory, Jake has eyes that look like they’ve seen hardship in the coal mines, but it only adds to his tall-dark-handsome factor.

Haymitch: Jeff Bridges / I love entertaining the idea of a drunken Jack Nicholson or Philip Seymour Hoffman, but Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Laurie, the fan-picked favorites, would have to let themselves go a LOT to ever be considered “paunchy”.  Jeff Bridges could pull off both the pain and physical comedy for Haymitch fantastically, so he gets my vote.

Effie: Kristin Chenoweth / This was the easiest to pick – she would shine as the comedic and bubbly, but slightly annoying voice of District 12.  I can just picture her announcing in that high-pitched voice of hers (perfect for the affected Capitol accent), “And may the odds be ever in your favor!”

Cinna: Hugh Dancy / Dancy’s a fan favorite as well, and he’s the right age, which is more important for Cinna because he can’t look the peer of the (sure to be older than 12-16 years) tributes. With well-groomed, almost effeminate looks, Hugh seems to be everyone’s picture of Katniss’s rookie stylist.

Prim: Elle Fanning / That little blonde’s got this one in the bag.

Mrs. Everdeen:  Tea Leoni / Let’s eliminate the established blondes: Kate Hudson is too young, Michelle Pfeiffer too scary, Ali Larter too severe, Meg Ryan too chipper, and Jodie Foster too… done.  Renee Zellweger plays a great depressive, but she looks nothing like Kaya or Elle.  I’m loving Tea Leoni for the role – she’s exactly the right mix and very maternal, in a classy way.

Rue: Yara Shahidi / Has the same spirit as Prim, but let’s not whitewash District 11, shall we?

Who else?  Sophie Anna Everhard has a good look for Foxface, and I’d put Chloe Moretz in the role of Clove because she kicks ass and actually wants to be in the Hunger Games.  I haven’t found anyone close to Thresh or Cato, so if you see a great black teen actor or a “ruthless killing machine”. . . let me know!

Top Obsessions of the Moment

1. Wild Brooklyn Parrots

2. Missed Connections

3. Mocha Latte Art

Panorama photos

I took my new favorite book into the dorm hallway today… here are the photos!   Impressive… 


Panorama: A Fold-Out Book

Panorama: A Fold-Out Book

Just received the book, Panorama, as a gift for being alive post-finals.  The accordion-fold layout is a rare variation from a traditional 32-page book format, and it really is a stunning presentation.  Read it page-by-page, like every other book, and journey through scenes of individual countries – with Fani Marceau’s poetic quip for each.  Then, night falls, and the viewer is invited to turn back through the

 other side of the pages… in a nighttime version of every spread.  As if Joelle Jolivet’s (365 Penguins) black-and-white woodcut illustrations weren’t gorgeous enough, they fold out into a 13 foot expanse of… well… the world!  Everything connects into two mural-like landscapes, day and night, that literally had me jumping with delight.  

The catch?  Yes, this book will be destroyed by eager 6-year-olds within minutes of any library purchasing this beauty.  But I’m all for fresh ways of approaching what it means to be a book (thank you, Independent Publishing class…), so look forward to much more of that here to come!