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Park Slope Methodist Book Sale Finds

This weekend was one of my favorite annual Park Slope traditions: the Park Slope Methodist book sale!  Every year, this neighborhood church collects thousands of book donations (and CDs, and records) of every kind, and the BK literati flock to pick up hardcovers and paperbacks for just a dollar or two.

This year, I tried to exercise some restraint – after all, I’ve got books spilling out of the shelves in my room as it is!  But I did manage to pick up a few art and home-related titles (I was in a non-fiction mood), that are really fun!

My favorite book of the day is A Book Of Garden Flowers by Margaret McKenny and Edith F. Johnston (Macmillan, 1940). Margaret McKenny turns out to be a renowned Washington State naturalist, and I later found some of her enthusiastic letters about mushroom hunting. But the piece de resistance is Edith Johnston’s GORGEOUS lithographs of flowers! Each one is more beautiful than the next (so much so that I almost scanned the whole book!). Take a look . . .

Truly lovely, no?

I also picked up a couple of cookbooks that I’m really digging:

The Pleasures of Slow Food by Corby Kummer (Chronicle Books, 2002). – This glamorous coffee-table volume takes a warm glimpse into the “slow food” movement – where hand-crafted cooking methods enjoyed among company take the place of modern American fast-food culture. I can only hope that I’ll get around to cooking soft-shell crab bisque or pickled herring with apples and creme freche, because the photos are absolutely drool-worthy!

Speaking of photos, I’d never normally buy a cookbook without them, but this little gem caught my eye and I think it’ll be most useful! Edible Pockets For Every Meal by Donna Rathmell German (Nitty Gritty Cookbooks, 1997) is a super-simple guide to all kinds of dumplings, turnovers and “pasties” ( . . . whatever those are!). You can mix-and-match various dough/roll recipes with endless combinations of fillings from different cultures.  Check out how friendly the design is:

Want some of these delightful titles for yourself? Make sure to be on the lookout for the Slope’s book sale next February!


What Has Annie Been Doing? Graduating!

What have I been up to since I’ve last posted?

Too many momentous occasions to count!

Just to catch up, here’s a peek at all of the excitement that happened in May . . .

1.  Spring Survey / The last time I’ll ever do homework or pull all-nighters, aka. the culmination of my work in the Communications Design department.

2. The Pratt Show / I was lucky enough to get in, so I got to show the industry folks that I’ve “got it”, aka. I stood awkwardly by my work with a big grin.

3.  The Pratt Show / With my lovely and inspiring aunties.

4.  Moving in / With the father to my dream apartment in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace.

5-7.  Honors Convocation / Good grades run in the family – lots of  love from the mum, grandfather, and everyone else.

8.  Graduation / Taking that long walk towards my diploma at Radio City Music Hall.

9.  Post-Graduation / Celebrating with my family away from home, aka. my fellow Tri-Sigma seniors.

10.  Post-Graduation / Mabs, my new frenchie, courtesy of Rebecca and Urban Outfitters.  Best present ever.

11.  The Great Adventure / On a midnight train to Georgia.

12.  Savannah /  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Wiser words never spoken, SCAD.

13.  Savannah / The best meal I’ve ever had.  Shrimp, greens and grits.

14.  Savannah / Home of the most gorgeous Southern architecture imaginable…

15.  Savannah / And dreamy town squares around every corner!