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My New Parrot Friends

Had a great first visit with the wild parrots of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn (about whom I’m writing/illustrating a children’s book!).  They were SO much fun to see, chattering loudly with each other and flying to and from the trees and their home in the Gothic main gate of the cemetery.  I got to stand right under their branches and hang out for hours while they munched on berries.  Plus, it’s so crazy to watch bright green, tropical parrots playing in the snow!

Here’s just a few of the photos I took:


Everyone’s reading: What’s In My Garden?

Guess what is everyone’s new favorite bedtime story*?

What’s In My Garden?, illustrated by Annie Beth Ericsson!

Annie's bookMandy, a Tri-Sigma sister from New Orleans, reading to her 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter, Sophie.  Thanks for the photo, Mandy!

Photo 51

Me and two best friends, Caitlin-Marie and Rebecca, enjoying a post-book signing reading in our Holiday Inn hotel room in Concord, NH.

Did I mention that they both happen to be super-fierce bloggers?

For extra-sharp copyrighting, sketches and gritty bodega wisdom, check out Caitlin-Marie.

For a refreshingly creative dose of fashion, design and personality, check out Rebecca.


*for children under 3 yrs old

Panorama photos

I took my new favorite book into the dorm hallway today… here are the photos!   Impressive…