I’m A Goonie Bird

The other day, making my blog rounds, I came across BoysLife, who is essentially the male counterpart of every female I know’s blogger/hero, Alexi Wasser of ImBoyCrazy. BoysLife’s most recent post is a story about a particular kind of lady.  5’10″+, broad shoulders…

“Even when they are pretty, or on the skinnier side of goon, there is something inexplicably goofy about these girls. Being tall does not make you one, neither does being of plus size. If you know goonie birds, you know one when you see one; it comes down to a kinda vibe.”

I felt labeled.  I didn’t know there was a name for girls like me. Was I supposed to be offended, or what?

But as time goes on, this “goonie bird” title has only become more hilarious. Goonie birds are everywhere! It explains so much.

Like The Rescuers Down Under.

Even Lois Lowry has a whole middle-grade novel series on 2nd grader (and my kindred spirit) Gooney Bird Greene.

It made me wonder about the tendency to judge others and label them on the way that they present themselves. Why take offense? Maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe it’s funny. Maybe it’s just a way for us to find common ground, to know that others share the same “vibe”, and to surround ourselves with people who accept us, just the goonie way we are.



One response to “I’m A Goonie Bird

  1. You go, Glenn Coco! Let’s stand tall and proud!!

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