Video Half-Day Friday: Cute Inspiration

This week has been slow on the blog.  It’s not that I don’t have enough to write about (I always have a Sticky on my laptop filled with post ideas!), but I’m actually, finally, percolating new ideas for children’s books.

What changed? Maybe it was the fact that Daniel Pinkwater beat me to the punch with a book about the Brooklyn parrots (now that hurts), or maybe I’ve taken all the break I needed this summer and this is as refreshed as I’m gonna get.  But I’m more than ready to get back to seriously drawing/painting, and the brain is starting to storm.

Where do I get my ideas, you ask?  You know… really classy/artsy/intellectual sources.  Oh, and cute animals off the internet.

Just… no one come out with a brand-new picture book about kiwis until I finish percolating, okay?  Thanks.

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