Last Video Half-Day Friday: It’s A Book!

In celebration of the final half-day Friday of the summer, I should be doing – and posting – all sorts of sunny, outdoorsy activities/videos.  But the impending hurricane vibe that’s taking over New York today has got me cancelling plans and just wanting to curl up with a good book instead.

So today, if you haven’t already heard all about Lane Smith’s newest masterpiece, watch the trailer for “It’s A Book!” (and check out an interview here).  I’ve been crazy excited about this title a lot longer than is appropriate for a new picture book, and it only increases my awe that Smith remains relevant, innovative and, as always, wacky over two decades of best-selling books.

Plus, as someone who has been spending more time on social media than at the painting desk, this book resonates – but in a light-hearted way.  I find it especially ironic that “It’s A Book!” is being promoted virally . . . wouldn’t it be hilarious if there was an app for that?

On a further digital note: I’ve been redesigning my web content this week . . . stay tuned for the launching of awesome-ness!


2 responses to “Last Video Half-Day Friday: It’s A Book!

  1. ah, they were talking about this on regis and kelly this morning!

    • that’s so funny!! I’m curious what Regis and Kelly had to say about it… moms are getting all touchy about the fact that it ends with the phrase “It’s a book, jackass!” (as in, the character is named, “jackass”). But I think it’s hilarious…

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